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"Mindfulness is the Ability to Respond Wisely Instead of Reacting Blindly" 

Mindfulness courses - 4, 6 or 8 weeks Mindfulness courses of in-house training at workplaces

My name is Anne Marie Beck and I am the founder of Life in Motion. I run courses in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindful Self-Compassion in Danish and English at work places for businesses and organisations. 
Click here for a list of some of the businesses and organisations that have benefitted from the Mindfulness courses and workshops that I have run.

Since 2006 I have carried out a wide range of customized business solutions that have effectively prevented skilled employees from needing to take sick leave and from being dismissed because of chronic stress.

My methods are validated by The Centre for Mindfulness, Aarhus University and my goal is that the mindfulness courses that I deliver will be sustainable for both the participant and the business. Most importantly, the benefits of the methods that I employ will be measurable and clear, in the form of significantly more job satisfaction among employees.

Mindfulness, or being consciously present to yourself/oneself, is a method enabling you to effectively plan your daily life whilst at the same time finding energy to meet everyday challenges.  By training your attention, you will gain the ability to be present in the Now - with conscious attention.

Through conscious presence you will learn to see reality as it is with full acceptance and attention, and become open to all that is, and understand your own thoughts, emotions and reactive patterns - be they negative or positive. Mindfulness is a game changer.


Evaluation of courses that I have run in both Danish and English have shown that participants benefit in a number of ways. Here is what the EU financed international course evaluation says:

"The results show that the vast majority of respondents continue to apply coping strategies, as well as tools to minimize frustration, lower stress levels and increase awareness on a very frequent basis."

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